Swabodhini – 30th Annual Day Report

Swabodhini – 30th Annual Day Report

Swabodhini School and Vocational Centre for Special Children celebrated its 30th Annual Day on 3rd March, 2019. The students and staff gathered at the Guru Nanak College Auditorium for this grand celebration.

The school prepares for the annual day throughout the academic year, where all 66 students showcase their learnings at Swabodhini on stage. The staff of Swabodhini train the students with a scheduled plan and untiring efforts. This year, the theme of the annual day was “Sangamam – A New World of Inclusion”.

The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Rangarajan M, Executive Director, Servion Global Solutions Limited. Mr. Rangarajan, through Servion Global Solutions, has been actively supporting Swabodhini through their CSR & has also visited the school to completely understand what Swabodhini does for the cause of autism & special education. It was an honour to have Mr. Rangarajan as the chief guest, and hear him address the audience with a powerful talk on inclusion.

This annual day was held at Guru Nanak College auditorium and we had close to 750 people attending the event and encouraging the students. It was an evening to honour and appreciate the efforts and association of ‘Ambassadors’, ‘Pillars of Swabodhini’, ’Special Awardees’ and ‘Outstanding Students’.

An event of this scale could not be possible without the support of the sponsors – namely Zoho Corporation, Kalimark, Ampa Skywalk & Grundfos Pumps. We also thank The Westin, Velachery for providing tasty refreshments for our students & staff at a subsidized rate. The invaluable volunteer support rendered by employees of Cognizant Technology Solutions & Williams Lea helped us run the event smoothly.

It always gives me great pleasure to spread the cheer and importance of the annual day and am thankful to the entire team for standing by me to execute such an event year on year.

For more details about the programs and awards, please click here. The pictures from the annual day can be viewed here.

Once again, I sincerely thank all the students, staff, parents, the donors, patrons, friends and well-wishers for being part of this wonderful event and helping Swabodhini make this 30th year a milestone year!

Warm Regards,
Anuradha Mahesh
Director & Trustee
Swabodhini Charitable Trust
+91 9840076322

Swabodhini – 30th Annual Day Report

We were delighted to have a packed audience with a good participation from our parents, sponsors, corporates, peers from other special schools, old students and all our well-wishers. Every one of our 66 students came up on stage to showcase their talents.

The program started with the school prayer and was followed by a walk down memory lane. Our Founder and Director Ms Radha Ganesan took us through the 30 years that had gone by since the school was started.

The Annual Report for the year 2018-19, was then presented where the key milestones of the school were highlighted.

Another important milestone is that 9 of our students completed the 500 hour Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC) course in DTP and Print Publishing and 6 of our students completed the 18 month AIMS Multimedia certification course.

A short video presentation showcasing the daily activities at both our centres was also played during the event. Click here to view the video.

The stage was then handed over to the teachers and students for the theme based cultural program – Sangamam the new world of inclusion.

“Inclusion” is a catchword which is being used frequently in recent times. Including people with special needs means that the students along with their parents receive the same opportunities to learn and participate like other families.

In the past few years as a country we have made major strides to decreasing stigma and promoting social inclusion in its place. In our own way, Swabodhini joined hands with Guru Nanak Education Society to sow the seeds of inclusion by starting a center within the Guru Nanak College campus at Velachery.

This year the students took the audience on a flight trip were they traced the journey towards inclusive education in India.

Cultural Events

Annual day is an opportunity for the students to give the audience an insight of what all they learn at Swabodhini in the academic year.

The program started with the Cabin crew welcoming the audience onboard the aircraft.

Performers: Ms Darahini, Ms Thaarini, Master Faheem, Master Keshav and Ms Nikki.

1. Welcome Dance

An opening dance to the tune of Endaro Mahanubhavulu.

Performers: Master Kannan, Ms Oviya and Ms Sunisha

2. Early Days

Small skit depicting the time, especially during the pre-independence era, how autism was perceived.

Performers: Master Sarvesh, Ms Adithi and Master Nikhil

3. Research Studies

Skit showing a discussion between psychologists in the 1940s reviewing case studies of children with autism.

Performers: Master Aditya, Master Arun, Master Rishi Raj and Master Vishal Prabhu.

4. Issues In Mainstream Schools

Skit showing teachers and parents in discussion at a PTA meeting as to how to handle students with learning difficulties in schools and how the special educators and therapists were introduced to help these students.

Performers: Master Aarav, Ms Adithi, Ms Priya, Ms Khadija, Master Saravana Kumar , Master Shankar Anand, Master Venkatesh, Ms Sunisha, Ms Shri Shakthi.

5. Technology

It’s the computer era and with advancements in technology, it is now easier to help the students.

Dance by the Primary students to the song Rise up.

Performers: Master Harish, Ms Mahathi, Master Sarvesh, Master Jabez and Ms Thaarini.

6. Sangamam On The Brink Of Taking Off

Becoming part of the community takes time and effort. Are the students ready to make the move.

Dance by the students from Guru Nanak College centre.

Performers: Master Shakthi, Master Hemanth, Master Venkatesh, Master Sairam, Master Pradish, Master Danish, Master Prabhakar, Master Yogeswaran, Master Ram.

7. Transition From Pre-Vocational To Vocational

Sangamam has happened and the air is full of acceptance.

Skit showing career choices available , skill development and life skill activities.

Performers: Master Gurudas, Master Deepak, Master Rishi, Master Vishal Prabhu, Master Sabarish, MMK, Master Manikandan, Master Lokesh , Master Pritish, Master Shreyas, Master Aditya, Master Kannan and Master Venkatesh.

8. Girls In The Society

A girl can choose a career as equal to that of a man and to perform the skills she is confident with once she is equipped with the right education.

Lively Marathi Dance by our vocational girls from the culinary section.

Performers: Ms Bhooja, Ms Khadija, Ms Priya, Ms Vaishnavi, Ms Adithi, Ms Darshini, Ms Sunisha, Ms Oviya and special entry by Master Aditya.

9. A Dance

By our vocational girls, showcasing the products (diyas, block printed dupattas) that they are taught to make at Swabodhini

Performers: Adithi, Oviya, Pooja, Priya, Sunisha

9. Music Therapy

Music therapy benefits students on the spectrum as it is motivating and engaging. Classes by the Hitam trust are attended by our students and have benefited them in increasing attention to task, vocalization, verbalization, improving self-care skills; and reducing anxiety.

Choir presentation by the students rendering a few devotional songs learnt in those music sessions.

Performers: Master Aditya, Master Kannan, Master Ashwin, Master Arun, Master Nikhil , Ms Thaarini, Master Sarvesh, Master Jabez and Ms Mahati.

10. Vocational Achievements

Our vocational students are gearing up for a new beginning, be it making a decision of a right vocation, getting trained in skill development – in all areas, especially that of functional, social, personal and emotional learning.

Skit showcasing the various trainings imparted to our vocational students who undergo vocational training in the areas of retail skills, computer skills and vocational products.

Performers: All our vocational students

11. Yoga

Asana and Pranayama act as a tool to attain balance in mind thereby attaining balance in life. Yoga therapy is being offered to all our students. Our students demonstrated the asanas that they regularly practice as a part of yoga therapy.

Performers: Master Harikumaresh, Master Sarvesh, Master Jabez, Master Pritish, Ms Mahati, Ms Thaarini and Ms Oviya.

12. Fitness

Swabodhini offers fitness therapy to improve the strength, stamina, balance & coordination for our students. Fitness therapy also helps in channelizing their energies in a productive way, thereby reducing aggressive behaviours, improving sleep patterns & bowel movement, improve immunity & provide overall good health.

The students gave a glimpse of their fitness routine through this program.

Performers: Master Andrew, Master Srikrishna, Master Ashwin, Master Venkatesh, Master Sairam, Master Hemanth, Master Aditya, Master Amruth, Master Abishek.

13. Special Performances

We had 2 special performances by our singers Master Ram and Ms Aditi who rendered devotional songs.

14. Final Dance

The finale was a dance performance by the vocational students.

Performers: Master Aditya, Master Arun, Master Ashwin, Master Kannan, Master Harikumaresh, Master Venkatesh and Master Hemanth

Chief Guest Address:

This was followed by a power packed speech by our Chief Guest Mr Rangarajan on how we should give back to the community not only in the form of charity but also through other means to help those in need and contribute to the common good. He urged the gathering to explore the side of our personality that allows us to be generous in giving, without expecting anything in return.

Thanking our supporters:

It was then time to recognize the excellence of our supporters. Our Chief Guest felicitated the awardees with the Ambassador awards, Special awards and Pillar of Swabodhini awards.

In this milestone 30th year of Swabodhini, we wanted to express our special gratitude for the pillars of Swabodhini. They have been supporting us for more than a decade. They were

  • Shri K Narayanaswamy, the landlord of our Tiruvanmiyur centre
  • Mr. Sunder Chanrai, who has been generously funding the school’s salary deficits for more than a decade.
  • Mr. R Sivakumar, Partner of Karra & Co, who through his vast network of chartered accountants, helps us raise funds for our various projects & has been supporting us for more than 2 decades.
  • World Bank’s Chennai Community Connection Centre, for providing stationery supplies at the beginning of every academic year for more than a decade

We also had three special awardees this year, who played a crucial role in our 30 years journey.

  • Mr. Manjit Singh Nayyar, General Secretary & correspondent of Guru Nanak Educational Society for his support in starting Swabodhini’s second centre inside Guru Nanak College & for guiding us with his exemplary vision in various projects
  • Mrs. Devila Patel, Trustee –Bambino Educational Trust, for being the source of inspiration & mentor to our founder & managing trustee Mrs. Radha Ganesan by being a pioneer for inclusion
  • Mr. NktM Jeyagopal –Managing the Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane with whom we are associated since 2010 for conducting yoga therapy for our students.

Every year, we have the Ambassador Awards for those who bring in contacts / lend their expertise for Swabodhini. This year, the ambassadors were

  • Ms. Ratna Krishnan, for bringing in the donors for setting up the wash area, repair & maintenance of the school gate & also roped in the volunteers for doing art work in our school compound walls
  • Mr. S Rajaram & Mr. V Sriraman, for organizing a fund raising concert in support of Swabodhini
  • Mr. Pioneer Suresh for organizing a fund raising concert in support of Swabodhini
  • Mr. Bharat Kumar for his valuable expertise as an architect in guiding us do all the infrastructure upgradations at our Tiruvanmiyur centre
  • Mr. Chandrasekhar for actively promoting Swabodhini’s work in the field of autism and special education among his circle & raising funds for the cause
  • Mr. A R Parthasarathy for helping us process manuals & presentations and for connecting us with corporate donors.

In Conclusion….

Student toppers also were awarded.

  • Mr. Kaustav –Best Outgoing Student
  • Mr. Aditya – All Rounder – Vocational
  • Master Rishi Raj – All Rounder –Pre-vocational (Tiruvanmiyur Centre)
  • Master Hemanth – All Rounder –Pre-vocational (Velachery Centre)
  • Master Jabez – All Rounder –Primary
  • Master Dilip – All Rounder – Pre-primary
  • Master Rishiraj – 100% attendence

Our Director and Trustee, Ms. Anuradha Mahesh delivered the vote of thanks and the program concluded with the National Anthem.

It was truly a day to cherish forever. We once again thank Zoho Corp, Kalimark, Ampa Skywalk & Grundfos Pumps for sponsoring this event & The Westin Velachery for providing refreshment at a subsidized cost for our students and staff.

Thank you for your presence and your loud cheers which encouraged our students. We also thank you for standing by us for the cause of autism and special education.

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