Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy & Physical Training Evaluation

Our therapy evaluations include clinical observation, interviews with parents & educators, standardized testing, and other assessments to determine if the child is displaying age-appropriate play, and developmental and social-emotional skills. Goals will be set with families to determine the necessary treatment plan.

Individualized Occupational Therapy & Physical Training Treatment

Treatment sessions are designed to address your child’s impairments, improve function, and their ability to participate in age-appropriate activities. We develop customized therapy programs for each child’s individual needs, with an emphasis on addressing the goals of both the child and family.

In our centre, clients look forward for the occupational therapy session. They have fun while performing fine and gross motor activities in the gym and/or neighbourhood playground. It was observed that when children have fun in participating in activities, they learn the skills faster. The activities were planned with just-right number of challenges so that children were able to complete the activity at end of the session. This improves their self-esteem and motivates them to try similar activities without any hesitation.

In summary, our occupational therapist, help children to perform their occupation with the fullest potential, for instance, play, activity of daily living (ADL), fine and gross motor skills that required performing typical tasks they supposed to do routinely across the settings including home, community and in school.

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