Special Education

The Special Education program is a specifically, created, customized instructional syllabus that provides the students with support and services, required to meet their individual, identified disability. This individualized program is designed to aid their unique learning needs. The Special Education program is available to eligible students from the ages of 5 to 25.

Swabodhini provides these Special Education services to students with:
  • Autism

  • ADHD

  • Down syndrome

  • Other Intellectual Disabilities

We provide below a brief overview of the key strategies / interventions used :

Structured Teaching

This approach is to facilitate in the training of each student with autism. It is designed, to draw their visual attention (which is the strongest procedure), to help them understand their environment and daily activities. The five major components of structured teaching are:

  • Physical Organization or Visual Boundaries

  • Schedules

  • Routines

  • Work Systems

  • Task Organization

Visual Supports

Visual Supports are tools that assist in constructive education for children with special needs. These tools have proved to be useful in augmenting skills, like play, social interaction and social initiation. Visual support tools have also helped reduce self-injury behavior.

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

Provides a means of non-verbal communication channel to children with autism, especially those who have little or no communication abilities. In this process, the children are trained to exchange a picture card of an item they desire. Consequently, the student learns how to communicate. The Visual Support systems helps the child to develop verbal communication skills, it helps decrease tantrums, odd behavior and increases socialization.

Individualized Education Program

This program is also referred to as the IEP, and is a blueprint customized to the needs of each student. The IEP is compiled with information from the child’s parents, and from reports after assessments by the Special Educators, Occupational Therapists, Behavior Therapists, Yoga Therapists, and Speech and Language Therapists.

In order to develop the best education plan for the student, we at Swabodhini, combine the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team and with the help of the student’s parents, devised an IEP that produces the best outcome.

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