Yoga Therapy

Yoga has multiple, beneficial effect on children and when used as a remedial measure on children with special needs, it has proven to be very effacacious. Yoga can be used as an alternative therapy along with the general therapies. Since every autistic child or children with special needs are different, the yoga instructor designs an individual program for each child. These programs are conducted regularly at Swabodhini.

The teaching of yoga to our children is carried out in a friendly manner making it enjoyable for each participant. Each plan comprises of asanas, pranayama and yoga nidra. Parents of students, who undergo yoga therapy, have reported dramatic results, which has:

  • Helped the child to calm down and simultaneously be happy

  • Aided students with sleep issues to sleep peacefully at nights

  • Improves attention span and focus

  • Helps to address digestive challenges and overall health

Process of Evaluation for a Yoga Program

To draw up an individual plan for each student, we adopt the following steps:

  • We observe the behavioral pattern of the child

  • We understand the level of cognizance

  • Look for Sensory perceptions

  • Consider health issues

All of the findings are documented. Trained expert teachers from the Bihar School of Yoga Tradition of the Satyananda Yoga Center, Chennai, recommend specific asanas, pranayama and sankalpa during the yoga nidra. Parents and teachers are trained simultaneously, to ensure that the student practices at school and at home, to obtain the best outcomes.

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