Annual Day

Annual Day 2016

Swabodhini keeps moving up the ladder year after year in term of innovative performance. This year [March 20, 2016] we are proud to share the news that our 27th annual day was a program of extraordinary standards. Entire program was supported by backdrops on the LED screen.

The program was performed with enthusiasm, novelty, vigour, fun and enjoyment with complete dedication and immense efforts taken by teachers and students. It was in fact a splendid and excellent performance by all our students. The theme for the annual day was based on “pulses”, 2016 being the “International year of Pulses”.

The chief guest of the function was Mr. Rajeev. C. Lochan, CEO of Kasturi & Son – The Hindu group of publications.

The importance of pulses, the nutritive value, good health and healthy lifestyle were very well explained to the students through audio-visuals. The same was excellently displayed through well-organised programmes that included skits, songs, dances and talent shows.

The highlight of the annual day programme was that three of our students – Mr Vishwananth, Mr Mahesh Ram, Mr V Venkat Narender hosted the entire show. The compering was done live on stage with the help of background presentation displayed on LED.

An introduction to the theme by our primary students on healthy and unhealthy food habits brought in splendid applause in the audience. A satirical musical skit based on environmental degradation, global warming and importance of forests and agriculture was well depicted by a song written, composed and sung by Mr Kumaran, class teacher of Vocational boys stream.

Followed by this was short movie slideshow on culinary and retail training of our school and their messages imparting the importance of pulses in our daily diet was very well shown.

Everyone’s souls were enlightened by the colourful rich harvest dances and a “thank you farmers” song showing gratitude to our Indian farmers and saluting them for their support and hard toiling.

A great deal of preparations went on behind the screen like power point presentations explaining the theme, content, scenes, character roles and delivery, comprehensive art work required for stage decorations, props and background, making placards for the thank you song.

The 3 students who did the hosting of the program were given intensive training on the dialogue delivery, following the right sequence, presenting themselves on the stage well, eye contact, etc.,

Special awards for excelling in different areas like socialization, helping tendency, attendance, self grooming, best outgoing students etc were given to many of our students. Teachers were also awarded for their creativity, dedication, compassionate nature, attendance and hard work.

The programme had an overwhelming response from the audience who congratulated the entire team for the extremely unconditional love and support through team spirit and dedication.

Annual Day 2015

Every year Swabodhini celebrates its annual day with much fanfare and pomp. The event is organized in a spacious auditorium and the entire auditorium is bedecked with the colors of the theme of the year. The theme for 2015 was “Light”, as it was the International Year of Light.

The stage props, costumes for the participants in the different entertainment acts, the décor, and the different backdrops were all in tune with the theme of the year. Surpassing the grandeur of the decorations and props were our students all decked out in colorful costumes and raring to display their talents. Each act, be it a song, a dance, a play or music on an instrument, was well practiced by each and every student who performed. Each and every student from Swabodhini performed in at least one act, if not many.

The audience was completely engrossed in the breathtaking performances unfolding before them. Each act was performed with precision and perfectness. Since it was the International Year of Light, the heavy backdrops and props were done away with and the entire program was instead served by a LED screen.

The program concluded with all the students being awarded gifts and prizes for their performance. The program was well appreciated by all those who attended it.

The teachers and parents are to be commended for all the hard work and effort that goes into the program and its unfailing success, year upon year.

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