Stimulates Self Confidence of Students

Warms up Withered hearts of the Whole parent group

Addresses Autistic Adulthood Apprehensions Adequately

Burries Burdens about Behavioral Bottlenecks

Organizes Opportunities Over & Over

Delivers Dignity through Development in the Dear Child

Heightens Heath –physical & mental by Helpful Yoga

Improves Intelligence Quotient through Individual therapies

Nurtures New hopes in the Needy

Increases Inclusion level via Improvised training

– From Parent of V. Venkat Naraender Age 19. Child with behavioral issues allied with autistic features.

“I am father of Praveen kumar. Thinking about Swabodhini School it feels great. As a depressed parents with full of sceptism, we put Praveen in swabodhini at age of 4 as a intermittent screaming, non co-operative, nonverbal, and complete dependent child. Life was fully dark inside the walls without any outing to park, temple and even relatives. Now he is at 18 years we feel very comfortable in taking him to anywhere we want. He likes to go out to beach, park and even enjoys movies. Now we have confidently toured from kanyakumari to Kashmir by bus, train and flight. He is independent in self skills and daily activities. He can communicate his needs in three word sentences and well aware of surroundings as well.

He has reached this level only because of sincere and whole hearted efforts of managing team (Mrs. Radha Ganesan, Mrs Anuradha Mahesh and Mrs Chandra) Untiring efforts of teachers and sub-staffs. Academic teaching, speech and occupation therapy, weekly outing programme, yoga therapy, retail skill development programme and life skill development trainings that are meticulously taught at swabhodini has shaped him as a confidant boy.

Swabodhini annual day celebration needs a special mention and is conducted as a festival where students and parents enjoy a lot. Every year it is celebrated with innovative themes by considering the talents of the individual. Sports day preparation and the function help to improve physical fitness of the students.

School not only nurtures the students but also mothers. Swabothini mentors understands the difficulties of mothers and has everything needed to boost them mentally and physically by conducting special programmes like Counselling, Yoga training, parents interaction programme and seminars by eminent doctors.

As a whole, life became meaningful after associating with swabodhini without which life would have been un-imaginable one. I thank each and every one of swabodhini members for keeping the hope alive.”

– Murugesan N, F/o M.Praveen Kumar

“I am pleased to tell you that our visit to swabodhini was a wonderful learning experience. We gained academic knowledge about children with special needs and the different kinds of interventions that are being provided to them. Apart from this academic knowledge, we as individuals are now striving to be more empathetic towards individuals with special needs. Our visit has made us more thankful of all the things that we take for granted.

On behalf of all the students who visited swabodhini, i would like to thank the teachers for being extremely helpful and supportive, providing us with all the information that we required. We are truly inspired by the teachers at swabodhini, who are extremely passionate about what they do. A special thanks to all our dear friends, who welcomed us with great hospitality.

We hope that Swabodhini continues doing this great service . We would also be extremely happy to contribute and do our little part in whatever way possible. Please do let us know of any requirements for voluntary participation in the future.”

– Maya Karthikeyan, Class 12, Chettinad Vidyashram

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