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    Talk to us, employ these dedicated, well trained and sincere children in your organization
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    Live and enjoy the happy events that focus on our Children with special needs
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  • Parental Counselling

    Reach out to us, work with us and help your child to be self-sufficient
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  • Jun – Oct Newsletter 2020

    We at Swabodhini are finally managing to come to terms with the new normal..
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We Are Supported By

With the strong backing from Corporate Companies, Swabodhini has made significant strides in the enrollment of a sizeable number of children with special needs, requiring special education and skills training. We have touched just the tip of the iceberg and with more Corporate Support, we hope to reach out to all those children who need our services.

Personal Empowerment

At a basic level this means that we help each child to build skills to enable them to have a quality lifestyle. Empowering the child helps them to :

  • Create an awareness of their own strengths.
  • Take control of their present circumstances, simultaneously achieving goals in their daily life.
  • Help them intensify their contribution.
  • Promote a sense of well-being

The scope of change depends on each child.

Promoting Self-Sufficiency

Swayam Shoppe our dream project and brainchild, is a retail grocery outlet open to the public. We have pioneered a new concept of training our children with special needs in retail skills. This vocational training outlet is funded by Swabodhini Charitable Trust and is managed by the Trust. The students are trained in the range of services and management, of a retail grocery shop. Shop with us, we sell quality products. Contact us at 044-24452485

First Quarter Newsletter 2020


Whose life have you touched today?

Nanda Nayar, a guitarist, composer, film maker and educator from New Jersey, in conversation with Ms. Radha Ganesan, tracing the growth journey of Swabodhini, splinter skills of autistic children, their employability and the challenges she faced.

Providing mainstream employment opportunities for people with Autism

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