Academic Updates – 2016

  • Start of New Academic Year – June 13, 2016

  • The students from the vocational training class, conduct the assembly proceedings by sharing the task. They also have taken on the responsibility of making announcements to the assembled students. This is a good step enabling better social interaction.

  • An electronic bell has been installed and it is utilized to announce the beginning of classroom sessions, lunch and other breaks. The students have become accustomed to this system within a short period of time.

  • A new curriculum has been designed with enhanced academic functionalities. This has been framed to cover all the primary and pre-vocational classes. There will be flash cards used to teach letters, words, recognition of objects, and so on. The new curriculum also comprises of picture comprehensions and game based activities.

  • Personalized yoga plans for each student is framed by the yoga teacher. The basis of the plans will depend on each student’s assessment and the appropriate asanas to be practised regularly.

  • Audio visual aids such as iPads, Tablets, LED projectors are now being used as a medium of instruction in all the classes, to impart various lessons.

  • Discussions have been had with a leading retail giant, Big Basket, and we have successfully finalized plans to place one of our vocational students with them as an intern. The intern will begin working with Big Basket from July 01, 2016. Counselling and training has been given to the student, to travel by bus by himself, on how to conduct himself at the workplace, on managing in an emergency, etc. To begin with the student will be working with a job coach, until he settles in

  • Students of culinary have been given a set timetable within which time they have to prepare various dishes in the kitchen, during the week. Other training that these students are receiving are :

    • Cutting, chopping and cleaning vegetables
    • Serving beverages and food
    • Cleaning kitchen utensils
    • Grinding
    • Using various kitchen gadgets
  • The students are enthusiastic to learn and have also demonstrated great progress.

  • Group activities by students during theatre arts hour have resulted in lot of positive changes in the students. Role plays, imitation play, Mask activities, movement therapies etc. have had a significant impact in helping the children to learn life skills.

  • As an initiative to improve the socialisation skills of the children, we have introduced a new activity. The children have begun visiting their friends’ houses and are learning to interact with each other, in a different environment. The parents of pre-vocational students Sairam and Surya, invited all the children to their homes. Both Sairam and Surya received training on how to welcome their friends, on how to serve water/ tea/ coffee/ soft drinks and snacks to their guests. The students were also introduced to other family members of each student. The students played a few games, before they parted.

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