Musgutova Neurosensori Motor Reflex Integration is a method founded by Dr. Svetlana Musgutova. In this method the children are assessed based on their reflexes.

Reflexes are assessed whether they are

  • Integrated

  • Resurfaced

  • Opposing

  • Absent

  • Non Integrated

There are minimum of eight reflexes that are found to be not integrated with kids with autism and if these are integrated then these children started improving in the areas where they were having issues and difficulties. With MNRI children were even starting to become verbal and were able to form the necessary neuronal connections. At present this is one of the most sought after approaches in the world for Autism, hyperactivity and cerebral palsy.

MNRI Therapy will help in the following ways in improving the quality of life of the children.

  • The verbally delayed child can begin to form intelligible sounds, words and/or simple sentences.

  • Individuals with hypertonic rigidity can begin to relax clenched fists, rigid arms and/or legs.

  • The disorganized may begin to move toward self-organization, the dysgraphic to write legibly,

  • The sensory defensive to tolerate sounds, sights and/or touch opening up positive interaction with the world, shifting from an inner state of constant fear, distrust and concern to calm, wonder and joy.

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